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About us    


image001 Ozlem the coach

I've been a coach and a mentor for the last decade and have been a full- time coach and soft skills trainer for the last 5 years after receiving my coaching qualification from the Coaching Academy. I have thousands of hours of coaching, hundreds of clients and great results behind me. I’ve so far worked with clients from education, technology, finance law, science and more…


I’m passionate about and committed to my clients’ professional performance and development- and of course their well-being.


When you work with me your career and leadership are at the centre of our work. I want you to get the best of your work hours and stop seeing work as ‘just work’ but as a meaningful ‘career’ that you shape.


Supporting you in maximising your productivity, potential and opportunities is my top priority, while teaching you how best to nurture your relationships at work.

We focus on  making sure you become more visible for the results you bring to your organisation. We also ensure you can communicate more effectively to increase your influence and play a bigger role in making the vision of your school or company come true whilst advancing your career in a purposeful manner.


I absolutely love coaching and helping people reconnect with their strengths, skills, passion and resilience.  We all have the capacity to combine desire, focus and action to create success.


If you and your organization are ready for an increase in awareness, inspiration, motivation and results, please get in touch.








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My interest in personal development began during my early twenties. Like many, I had a pressing nudge urging me to wake up to the fact that there was more to me and to life. I had to act on fulfilling my potential. We all do.




About us - Özlem Imil