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High Performing Teams


Outstanding performance is not only the result of having great subject knowledge. Excellent subject knowledge isn't enough to perform at your best!


Head to Inspire provides coaching & personal development workshops to increase the well - being and the professional performance of all staff in schools- from teachers to headteachers, from business managers to teaching assistants.



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Leadership Coaching


How are you doing in your school when it comes to leadership?

. Do the staff follow the leaders in your school because they are paid to do so or because they “want” to?


. Are your leaders able to get the results necessary for the children and the families they serve while properly looking after their staff?


Head to Inspire provides tailored coaching to all leaders in schools: Middle leaders, senior leaders and headteachers.


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Contact us for more information on one to one coaching of staff &the leadership and team coaching.

Mentoring and consultancy are also provided for schools.

It always seems impossible, until it's done. 

Nelson Mandela


Personal Development Training


Head to Inspire provides a broad variety of workshops and staff meetings, tailored to the personal development needs of the staff at your school.


Tell us about the needs of your staff and we’ll design a training program for your team.


Contact us whether you need one workshop, a series of workshops or a combination of staff meetings, workshops & coaching.



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Developing Girls' Leadership


Head to Inspire provides Confidence Coaching and Leadership Workshops for Girls.


According to the data, compiled by the University of New Brunswick in Canada, girls have been outperforming boys throughout their academic careers, from infant school to secondary school for at least 100 years. Not only that, but the research claims that girls do better at all ages, in all subjects and all over the world.

(review of 308 studies involving more than 1.1 million boys and girls who were students from 1914 to 2011)

So how come women are so underrepresented in politics, in the boardrooms and in scientific&technological arena?


Contact us if you are as passionate as us to raise the confidence and leadership of girls for equality.













Learning & Development for Schools


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