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Excellent workshop Özlem! There’s a lot for us to discuss now as staff and make a few improvements in our practice. Thank you!

Stephanie P. – Deputy Headteacher


Coming together as a team and working with colleagues collaboratively during the workshop was very good. I’ve enjoyed sharing experiences and learning more about my colleagues and how they deal with challenging situations. Özlem was very good and approachable.

Stacey C. – Teaching Assistant


A very good workshop! Examples of questions to ask parents and strategies were very helpful. I like Özlem’s use of personal experience in education, which makes the training much more relevant and valuable for our staff.

Carol D. – Headteacher


This was directly related to my everyday role and gave me a lot of practical ideas to try with parents. Very happy!

Robert P. – Teacher


Some great ideas around questioning and strategies to improve relationships with parents. Made me think about my own attitudes towards parents. I will try to be more empathetic.

Sheila J. - Teaching Asistant


The ideas discussed were very helpful. Very interactive workshop and I really enjoyed the role-play. A CPD session well-spent.

Alex C.- Middle Leader


Great workshop and excellent delivery. I shall be working on my listening and questioning skills.

Alison L. - Teaching Assistant





















Effective Communication with Parents Workshop


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