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An excellent team building opportunity. The workshop was well-presented, superbly delivered and adapted to the group. Could have listened all day. I’ve got lots of ideas to work on now, especially around managing my team.  

Sarah R. - Business Manager


This workshop helped me asses my practice in school and I now have a very clear idea about improving my performance and managing my time more effectively.

L. D. - Assistant Headteacher


Well-presented and as always Özlem’s passion shines through. She always tries to give more value than expected.

Gail H. - Business Manager


This session was incredibly relevant to my needs. I’m going away with some great ideas. Thank you.

Beth A. - Headteacher


All aspects of this workshop were very useful. Thank you.

Brad J. - Acting Headteacher


This workshop was illuminating and gave me new ideas to manage my time better.

Marlene M. - Teaching Assistant


Some great tools to manage time. This training session made me reflect on my personal growth, achievements and areas of improvement.

Caroline P. - Office Manager


Thank you. Very helpful workshop. Özlem’s knowledge and understanding of staff’s needs within the education system was spot on!

Carl  T. - Headteacher


Özlem was very good. I have gained a lot of knowledge around managing my time. I feel determined to improve.

Maria G. - SENDCO


Very good workshop and excellent delivery.

Very happy with this workshop!

Barbara L. - Teaching Assistant














Effective Time Management Workshop

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