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For a brief course decription visit: Emotional Intelligence Workshop


Özlem is open and helpful and this is a very interesting workshop. I will definitely think more about how to react in certain situations and apply the strategies I’ve learnt today.

Kate Barrow - Teacher


This workshop has given me a chance to analyse and review my emotional behaviour. And I’m happy to have gained ideas and strategies to deal with tricky situations.

Nina C. - Office Manager


I really enjoyed the session and feel it would be of benefit to my school. Reflecting on dealing with emotions and responding to different situations made me think deeper. I will definitely be using the strategies presented today.

Lisa Clifford - Assistant Headteacher


The Emotional Intelligence Workshop was very interesting and effective and completely changed the way I see certain situations with colleagues. It has taught me the importance of empathising more.

Daniel L. - Accounts Manager


An interesting topic that should be discussed at all levels of an organisation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and have taken away important actions.

Kian T. - Administrative Officer


A great workshop linking theory, practical examples and discussions. I will be reflecting on the crucial points raised today and put the suggestions in practice.

Beata Lyons - Business Manager


Having time and space to think about Emotional Intelligence was very helpful. I’ve enjoyed sharing ideas and experiences. I know I must work on my empathy.

David J. - Teacher


Great workshop. Taking a lot back to school! Can easily do another day on Emotional Intelligence!

Helen M. - Acting Headteacher


Would happily have Özlem in our staff meeting every week. All the emotional and relationship issues she’s talking about is what we need to work on in our school.

Mary N. - Teaching Assistant






Emotional Intelligence Workshop


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