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Learning about the relationship between values and goals was incredible. Thank you.

Matt S. – Teacher


I’ve found this afternoon very useful. As a result of this workshop I have reflected on my goals and what motivates me. I now seriously consider one to one coaching.

Emily A. – Middle Manager


Thank you for this training session. It was really good and now we need to reflect on what we learned as a team. It looks like we will have quite a bit to discuss both around our personal and our team goals.

Suzanne P. - Deputy Headteacher


Very interesting workshop. Really thought-provoking and helpful. I’ve got a lot to think about and change, and I’m happy to.

B. G. - Headteacher


I must admit that I initially thought this topic wasn’t for me. I don’t like change and I never take risks. But Özlem’s managed to convince me to look at things with a new perspective. I’ve just set my first aspirational goal.

Sandra T. – Teaching Assistant


Great discussions during the workshop. Really enjoyed it!

T. K. – Middle Leader


This workshop had a profound effect on me. It’s had an impact not only on my personal goals but on the goals that I set for the children in my class. Thank you!

Joshua A. - Teacher



















Goal Setting, Motivation & Personal Leadership Workshop


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