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We had the High Performance Workshop for a day.  The content was outstanding. My highlights were managing my well-being and improving my focus. Thank you.

Julie H- Headteacher


Özlem was very knowledgeable, positive and encouraging. During the workshop I realized I needed to make changes to be more mindful and work on some unhelpful habits. My favourite part was the coaching session with colleagues.

Susan E. - Acting Deputy Headteacher


I’ve enjoyed having time to think about my goals and setting better ones.

I now feel I have more strategies to prioritize my life and not procrastinate.

Kelly N. - Assistant Headteacher


I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about managing my well-being. Özlem was great at engaging and inspiring us all. It wasn’t hard to guess she used to be a great teacher and school leader.

Vicki S. - Teaching Assistant


Great to work with such a passionate workshop leader. This workshop has been life-changing for me and it re-affirmed my career ambitions.

Natasha C. - Office Manager


It’s been refreshing to have time to reflect on my performance in a guided way. The workshop was a good mixture of activities, discussions and presentation. It was truly inspiring.

Ian P. - Middle Leader


Both the content and the delivery were excellent and Özlem’s approach was very effective. I feel motivated and inspired to aim high, to support myself and the children to reach our full potential. I’ll aim to be more solution focused rather than dwelling on problems.

Justina M. - Teaching Assistant


An excellent, thought provoking workshop and a great experience. I enjoyed it immensely.

Theresa G. - Teaching Assistant


I was most impressed with exercises around goal setting and managing focus. The workshop was also interesting because of interactive exercises and discussions. I feel very clear about where I am and where I want to be.

Claire C. - SENDCO


This was a refreshing workshop. It made me feel worthwhile and appreciated. It also brought lots of interesting facts to the surface for me. Thank you so much Özlem.

Dina M. - Teaching Assistant


Very personable delivery.  Özlem knew her stuff. Lots of great ideas and strategies to use.

Ruth K. - Teacher


Very impressed with the content and the delivery. Just what our team needed! Thank you!

Christine M. - Deputy Headteacher


Özlem's workshop inspired me a lot and gave me lots of practical ideas to try in my personal and professional life in order to perform at a higher level. Thank you Özlem.

Sarah M. - SENDCO


High Performance Workshop presented by Özlem was fantastic! I was able to reflect in a structured way which will be very beneficial for me, going forward.

Rebecca Sulivan - Middle Manager


Özlem's workshop inspired me and hugely raised my awreness. It was a great workshop with very easy to use practical tools and a great, well-paced & clear presentation style.

Gemma Hughes - Managing Director























High Performance Workshop

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