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Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively - online package


Effective Communication has always been key in personal success, personal well-being and managing teams effectively. However, it has never been as crucial as the time we are in as of Spring-Summer 2020.  

Leading Compassionately with DISC - online package


Leading compassionately is essential to motivate and to get the most out of teams, when people may be overwhelmed due to many changes we are facing.  Therefore, understanding your own preferences when it comes to communication, feedback and leadership and preferences of others is beneficial to leadership and team success.

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Boosting Personal and Team Motivation - online package


At least half of our waking lives is spent at work. Therefore, many of our motivational needs must be fulfilled through the work we do and our work environment. When we are not motivated at work, our productivity, engagement and self-esteem suffer. When we keep our motivation sustainably high, we’re in the best position to support our teams sustain theirs.