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Dear Mentors, Business Coaches and Business Owners...

By Ozlem, Jan 28 2015 04:27PM

A few years ago when I decided to leave the 9 to 5 employment, I was continuously warned, reminded, told, explained - by literally everyone I know, that going solo or starting a business with a partner would be very hard. I’m sure every entrepereneur, solopreneur, start -up team, SME founder etc… has heard this before.

What almost everyone points out is how much ‘hard work’ being your own boss entails and how one would need to work 7/24 with high levels of stress and under pressure.

Of course for someone who has many years of inner London teaching and school leadership experience, ‘hard work’ was already quite familiar to me. And the same goes for some other sectors too: ‘Hard work’ on its own would not stop many people from starting their own businesses as they are already used to getting great results under stress and they’re very familiar with working long hours.

But despite being an experienced hard worker, I struggled. No, not because ‘working hard’ was at all a problem. The tough part was ‘who I needed to become’ in order to be my own boss and accomplish my goals. Well, somehow ' You need to become that person who achieves what you would like to achieve' was never mentioned to me by anyone! I assume that’s because most people, even the ones who are in business are sometimes not fully aware of it themselves and even when they are, they just don’t know how to articulate it. Therefore, I needed to discover it myself.

So dear Mentors, Business Coaches and Business Owners: When you tell your mantee or coachee to be prepared for ‘hard work’ please make sure you clarify exactly what that phrase entails! Please let the new start-ups/ entrepreneurs/ solopreneurs know that the hardest part of creating your business & wealth is becoming fearless! Becoming a person who continuously tries to overcome their fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of criticism etc… every day until they conquer them all… When it comes to living one’s passion, it is not really the hours one has to put in that’s hard but to eliminate what holds one back from making that cold call, writing to that potential client, attending that networking event, giving that presentation…

Please remind them to recognise their weaknesses, shortcomings, lack of knowledge, lack of experience, lack of connections and help them make a firm decision to take immediate action for improvement. Encourage them to work day in and day out to become the confident, self-assured and resilient person they need to be to put themselves out there and get results…

Finally- remind them that while they should continue being a caring person, they also need to learn not to care about what others think or say about them!

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