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Coaching Testimonials


Having Özlem as my coach has been one of the best investments in my personal development. Always dynamic, positive and inspirational, Özlem is an incredibly skilled coach. She is a very dedicated professional and will challenge her client when it's necessary but always in an insightful manner. Thank you for your continuous support in helping me improve my personal and professional life Özlem.

Tim Mayer- CEO


Coaching with Özlem was a rewarding yet challenging experience! She helped me (and my teams) be truly honest with myself and made me realise what it was that I really needed and wanted. I'd recommend one to one coaching with Özlem to anyone looking to achieve the next great thing in their life.

Luke Bridges- Headteacher


Meeting Özlem was a major highlight. She is an amazing human being. She is extremely talented at coaching - humbly supportive, encouraging, down to earth and non - judgemental. She became a role model for me and also for another friend who was coaching with her. I defined numerous challenging goals with Özlem’s guidance and was able to achieve a lot during the process! I got a new job exactly as I wanted and with the salary I was aiming for. I met my fitness targets. Most importantly, coaching changed the way I think; now I set more specific and precise goals for myself and I am always questioning what it is that I want, right now and for the future. I have more of a sense of direction. It was a great experience. I am very lucky that I had this brilliant opportunity!

Jessica Berton-  Compliance Advisory Director


The coaching sessions with Özlem  have been amazing. I have experienced many coaches in my time but Özlem is definitely one I rate highly. It quickly became very clear to me that Özlem was different to other coaches that I previously had encountered; she is very intelligent and passionate about her work and takes great pride in what she does. She is very patient, reliable and a great listener. Her approach was very friendly and supportive. I was made to feel very comfortable and in a position where I could trust her with personal circumstances. Yet, I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. It was great that Özlem had an understanding of business and could relate to my ambitions and goals. The strategies used by her helped me to enhance my confidence. I have no doubt at all that I’m going to be a huge success with the skills I have learnt from coaching and my plan is to continue as I find it extremely useful.  I would strongly recommend to anyone that wants to better their life to work with Özlem.

Jarred King- Entrepreneur/ Managing Director


It has been an absolute pleasure to have Özlem as my coach. She is professional and easy to talk to. She is always positive and her energy shines through anything she does. I noticed changes even after our 1st session of coaching. Being a young entrepreneur, I have faced many challenges to start my business, but the entire process of setting goals and achieving them week after week brought focus and balance to my personal and professional life as well as noticeably improving my communication skills and my self-esteem.  Özlem helped me recognise and celebrate the positive and overcome the obstacles. Feedback from her enabled me to notice recurring themes and patterns in my life so that I can consider new choices and think of ‘out of the box’ solutions. In particular the sessions have helped me examine issues I might normally prefer to ignore or avoid, which usually would block my progress. The process enabled me to clarify my values, my mission in life and my gifts, to reassess my life, redefine success, set new goals, overcome challenges, create better balance in my life and build confidence.  Özlem was on my side at all times and stood for me being all that I can be.

Komal Sable- Business Development Manager


It’s been a great experience working with Özlem and I feel it has made an impact on the way I behave and at times my thought process too. From day one she made me feel really relaxed which enabled me to open up and be honest about the positives and negatives within my working environment. She listened without judging and her positive nature inspired me to turn my negative feelings into creating a brighter outcome for myself and for my team.  Özlem asked probing questions that got me to think outside the box and in greater detail about answers I would give her. She would pick about my answers in a way to make me really think about things. As a result of her coaching I feel more confident, more self-aware and better at managing my emotions and my professional relationships. And I've been promoted. Thank you for a great experience Özlem.

Julie S. - Middle Manager 


I found coaching extremely beneficial to my life.  Through Özlem's  questioning, I came to realise that all the answers I needed were within myself. I now feel more confident and have more self awareness to solve conflicts that arise in every day life.  

Ceri Thomas- Senior Teacher


The coaching sessions I had with Özlem were immensely helpful to my personal development. Özlem has the ability to listen to her clients actively and help her clients to reflect back on what has been communicated to her. Setting goals, defining milestones and working within timescales have worked very well for me. Working towards goals enhanced my quality of life. Özlem helped me identify my qualities and strengths and supported me to articulate them. The coaching process worked very well with her help as a strong, disciplined mirror. Thank you so much Özlem for all your support.

N.E. Consultant/Managing Director- Technology


Coaching has been a very positive experience that has improved and increased upon my thinking and productivity. I now have increased energy levels, greater enthusiasm and motivation for all aspects of life thanks to my coach, Özlem.

Jennifer Donovan- Project Manager


Coaching helped me to focus on objectives and complete goals within a timescale, whereas before I just drifted through life, not completing the things that were important to me. It has been very useful having a different perspective on my life. Coaching was a great experience because Özlem could see the value of my ideas. She was excellent at bringing out the best in me, which inspired me to bring out the best in myself.

Edward Davies- Senior Teacher


It felt indulgent to talk about my own aspirations. Özlem raised some challenging questions which others may avoid asking me. I thought a lot was achieved in a short time and I felt really motivated in my goals.



Özlem was easy to talk to and I felt safe and secure to open up. I've found coaching very interesting. I was made aware of aspects of my personality that I had not reflected on before. I have viewed some of my relationships differently since the coaching. Overall, it was a great experience, truly raising my awareness and I really enjoyed it.

L.C. - Senior Nursery Teacher


Coaching sessions with Özlem allowed me to get out of habits that were not good for me any longer and  helped me connect with my strengths. I feel much more confident in the areas of my life where I previously felt weak. I felt having a background in education, Özlem understood me very well. She inspired and encouraged me to be more empathic and bold. I'm now a better communicator for it and I believe I'm also a better teacher.  

Selin Aydin- Teacher


Coaching with Özlem really helped me. It has put me on my steps to my goal. Her strategies were really good, guiding me with where I would like to be and what I have to do to get there.

Toni Murphy- Teaching Assistant


I had been curious about coaching and I feel really lucky that I decided to give it a try. Coaching helped me get close to my long term goals which for a long time I felt were too far away from me. Özlem has been an excellent coach and I'm grateful to her.

Martina Sapelli- Financial Services Professional/ Teacher of English


I found Özlem's approach to be very professional and beneficial in helping me achieve my personal goals and targets. She was able to elicit answers which made me realise my true potential.

A. Eyewu - Production Assistant


Özlem has helped me realise some subtle but important aspects of my motives. Setting goals became so much easier because she provided me with a clear structure. Moreover, Özlem is warm hearted and she's a really nice person to talk to.

Jakub Martin- Senior Student








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