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The 21st century has seen “Leadership” redefined. Gone is the “boss” and enter the “influencer”!


People are increasingly looking for inspirational & trustworthy leaders to learn from and to follow.


So how are you doing in your school when it comes to leadership?

. Do the staff follow the leaders in your school because they are paid to do so or because they “want” to?


. Are your leaders able to get the results necessary for the children and the families they’re serving while properly looking after their staff?


We provide tailored coaching to all leaders in schools: Middle leaders, senior leaders and headteachers…



We love leadership! Contact us to find out more!


“Before you’re a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others…”

Jack Welch

Leadership Coaching

Coaching with Özlem was a rewarding yet challenging experience! She helped me be truly honest with myself and made me realise what it was that I really needed and wanted. I'd recommend one to one coaching with Özlem  to anyone looking to achieve the next great thing in their life.

Luke Bridges - Headteacher



I have enjoyed working with Özlem very much. I already had tried a variety of interventions prior to coaching but I gained a lot more in a short period of time from coaching with her than anything else!

Michael R.- Head of School



The coaching sessions with Özlem  have been amazing.I have experienced many coaches in my time but Özlem is definitely one I rate highly. It quickly became very clear to me that Özlem was different to other coaches that I previously had encountered; she is very intelligent and passionate about her work and takes great pride in what she does. She is very patient, reliable and a great listener. Her approach was very friendly and supportive. I was made to feel very comfortable and in a position where I could trust her with personal circumstances. Yet, I was challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone.   It was great that Özlem had an understanding of business and could relate to my ambitions and goals.The strategies used by her helped me to enhance my confidence. I have no doubt at all that I’m going to be a huge success with the skills I have learnt from coaching and my plan is to continue as I find it extremely useful.  I would strongly recommend to anyone that wants to better their life to work with Özlem.

Jarred King - Managing Director









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