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Whilst good subject knowledge is still crucial in education, gone are the days when  "high performance" or  "outstanding performance" was thought to be only down to the 'specific subject knowledge'. Subject knowledge is NOT enough.


The corporate world has long discovered the importance of self-management, management of relationships, personal attitudes and behaviours, on professional performance and it is time the schools- the institutions shaping the future- caught up!


Head to Inspire provides coaching to increase the well - being and professional performance of all staff in schools- from teachers to headteachers, from business managers to teaching assistants.


Let us know who needs us and we’ll be there to help!   





"All successful people, women and men are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be and then they work every day towards their distant vision."

Brian Tracy


High Performing        Teams

Thank you for this training session. It was really good and now we need to reflect on what we learned as a team. It looks like we will have quite a bit to discuss both around our personal and our team goals.

Suzanne P. - Deputy Headteacher



Thank you. Very helpful workshop. Özlem’s knowledge and understanding of staff’s needs within the education system was spot on!

Carl  T. - Headteacher


It’s been a great experience working with Özlem and I feel it has made an impact on the way I behave and at times my thought process too. From day one she made me feel really relaxed which enabled me to open up and be honest about the postivies and negatives within my working environment. She listened without judging and her positive nature inspired me to turn my negative feelings into creating a brighter outcome for myself and for my team.  Özlem asked probing questions that got me to think outside the box and in greater detail about answers I would give her. She would pick about my answers in a way to make me really think about things. As a result of her coaching I feel more confident, more self-aware and better at managing my emotions and my professional relationships. And I've been promoted. Thank you for a great experience Özlem.

Julie S. - Middle Manager















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